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I was born in 1968 in Orense, Spain. I'm the oldest of three brothers. I studied in several public schools (San Pio X, Vergara, Hermanos Villar, Otero Pedrayo) and spent my time between the city and my village Abeledo, in the municipality of Taboadela. I left Ourense in 1986 to go to Santiago de Compostela to study Physics. When I finished the degree, in 1991, I got married and decided to start my research career in the department of electrical and computer, in the same Univ. Santiago de Compostela, under the direction of Senen Barro, subsequently rector of the university.

I received the Ph. D. in 1997. During my PhD I was an assistant professor, promoting after my PhD to associate professor. My children were born during this period. In 2006 I returned to Ourense, as an associate professor of the Vigo University in the department of Compter Sciences. In 2009, along with other colleagues, we formed the research group MILE (Biomedical Informatics and Signal Processing). In Ourense I have taught various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, teacher training courses, conferences, and I have continued my research work, mainly in the field of signal processing and medical informatics. I was secretary of the School of Computer Science and since 2011 I am director of CITI (Center for Research, Transfer and Innovation) of the Vigo University. This picture was taken in a laboratory of this research center.

Xosé Antón Vila Sobrino | anton(at)uvigo.es