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When I begun my research carrier, I came into the Intelligent Systems Group of the University of Santiago de Compostela. I worked in the field of "biomedical signal processing", specifically analyzing the heart rate signal doing variability studies in patient with miocardial ischemia and other disorders. I achieved my Ph. Degree with a disertation entitled "Análisis de la variabilidad de señales fisiológicas. Integración en un sistema de monitorización inteligente".

After that I opened a new line of research in the group related with "technologies in education". The EUME project was an interesting research project of this period. I worked also with learning objects and repositories in the MOREA project.

In 2007 I moved to the Vigo University, in Ourense but I continued my colaboration with the Intelligent System Group. IN 2008 5 colleages of my department decide set up a new research team: we called them MILE (bioMedical Informatics and signaL procEssing).

In 2016 we decided to integrate the MILE Group into the LIA2 group

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My CV: short CV in english, full CV in cvn format

For checking my publications please go to my Google Scholar profile

Xosé Antón Vila Sobrino | anton(at)uvigo.es